Answers Activity 160


  81.  Liza gave him a smile.
         Marina has a

  82.  You must before you can reap.
         They made a lot of money in six months, it must have been easy for them.
         I'm learning to so that I can make myself a dress.

  83.  members agree with us about the plan.
         The came to over 20,000 dollars.

  84.  Some birds really high.
          I have a throat and runny nose.
         Our grocery bill will
this month because of higher vegetable prices.

  85.  Don't run down the so noisily.
         She is very rude when she
at people.

  86.  The remover could be inserted without damaging the document.
         The government of that country is now .
         The is right behind the farm house.
         Maize is also an important dietary

  87.  The population remains .
         We buy in bulk.

  88.  You had better your diet with vitamins.
         He easily will his rival during the election process.

  89.  The boy caught the dog by the .
He bored me with his endless .

  90.  Ann and Roy are really smart. Both their brains with ideas.
         He left his
as he could not get along with the manager.


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