Answers Activity 165


Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

SPEAKER 1: I remember having idyllic childhood holidays always in the UK with my family going to places like Cornwall, Weston Super Mare, we had horrible journeys there because I used to get terrible travel sick and er, we had a sick bucket and the very smell of the sick bucket meant it was a very bad start to the holiday, but when we got there it always seemed like the sun was shining and the sand was golden and we can look back on these memories, because my dad had um, a super 8 cine camera which is way before video was invented and he's got these, like, seven-minute films of all of our holidays and it's just like being back there. We used to love setting up the projector and looking at these holidays when we got back.


SPEAKER 2: When I was a kid we always used to go on holiday down to Cardigan in West Wales where my granny had a farm and it was great because we used to they had 13 cows that all had names and we used to milk them and it was wonderful and um, all my cousins used to descend on the same place so we were like a sort of crew of kids and we used to go to the beach and swim and play in the farm, and it was great. And there was a rookery there, I remember, and the sound of the rooks was, was so sort of, of emotive that whenever I heard rooks when I was at school I used to cry, because I was thinking of the holidays, and I still go down there now, which is very nice.



The one thing he didn't like about the holidays was the , because he was always  .

They are able to recall what these holidays were like because his father them.



They used to spend the summer holidays in Wales, where his grandmother had a .

He used to the cows, and also played with all his .

There was a rookery there, and when he was at school whenever he heard rooks he used to .


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