Answers Activity 177


  91.  In desperation at his own , he drank a bottle of whisky.
Few pirates had the to attack a defended town.

  92.  I choose my friends for good characters.
         Our friends got lost and that's why late.
         She went into the kitchen to see who was

  93.  The membership of the Boy Scout increased.
         The are preparing for their Broadway opening next month.

  94.  Buckmaster was an yet energetic Englishman.
         More and more people are moving to

  95.  The owners of property are asked to sign a to allow the council to remove
          graffiti from private property.

          Those who between hope and fear over superficial things should not be
          appointed to management positions.

  96.  We mustn't our energy resources.
         This day was just a
of time and money.
Please undress from the up.

  97.  Can you tell me the to the bank?
         The baby will soon
seven pounds.
 I use extreme which tastes delicious.

  98.  It is up to you to decide we will go there.
         Today this blue sky promises fair

  99.  She prepares meals for her family.
         They sent her apologies by e-mail.

100.  Your attitude determines altitude.
          I can't believe so clueless.


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