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The Case of the
Balloon Man

2m 04s - American English


Inspector Winters is talking with Dr. DeLator...


The whole police force is looking for Izzy the Balloon Man, who kidnapped little Dennis Farrell.


Doesn't anyone know where Izzy hangs out?


Nobody knows anything about him. Once a week he stops his old truck by the Farrell estate and gives out popcorn and pink balloons. The kids love the funny faces he makes as he puts the balloons to his lips and huffs and puffs as he blows air into them. Last Thursday Izzy made his usual stop and drove off... or so it appeared. Later, Sam Potts and the Reverend Bevin were in Sam's backyard, which is next to the Farrell property. Sam noticed one of Izzy's balloons stuck high up in his oak tree. Since there was no wind to blow it loose -in fact, the day was so calm that there had been no wind blowing all day- Sam got a long ladder and climbed into the tree.


How do you know all this? Did Sam tell you?


Yes, and the Reverend Bevin, who was there with him, saw the balloon in the tree, too, and saw Sam go up to get it. Well, from that height -about twenty feet- Sam said he could see over the Farrells' twelve-foot wall. As he released the balloon, he glanced into the Farrell yard. He said he saw the Balloon Man put young Dennis into his truck and drive off. He told the minister what he had seen. Neither man thought much of it until they heard that Dennis was missing. Yesterday, Dennis's father received a note stating that Dennis was being held for ransom and that instructions would follow.


Well, Inspector, putting together everything you've told me, I think that Sam Potts is the kidnapper, and not the Balloon Man!


Why did Dr. Delator think so?



police force: all the police (la Policía)
balloon man:
a man selling balloons (vendedor de globos)
stole a child (raptó)
hangs out: lives, resides (vive, merodea)
: house, property (propiedad)
gives out: distributes (reparte)
: children (niños, pibes, chavales)
faces he makes: the funny ways in which he distorts his face (muecas que hace con su cara)
huffs and puffs: blows, emits puffs of breath (sopl
a, echa soplidos)
drove off
: drove (his car or truck) away (se alejó en auto)
title of respect for a clergyman (el Reverendo)

backyard: garden behind a house (jardín trasero)
stuck: sticked (atascado, enganchado)
to blow it loose: cause the balloon to be free (soltarlo, dejarlo suelto)
ladder: device for climbing up and down (escalera de mano)
let free (soltó, dejó en libertad)
glanced into: took a brief look at (echó un vistazo a)
the minister: the clergyman (el sacerdote)
held for ransom: kept as a prisoner while payment is demanded for release (secuestrado con pedido de rescate)
putting together: adding up mentally (atando cabos)

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