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The Case of the
Dead Man's Medals

2m 02s - American English


When John Marks III died of heart failure, the world was deprived of one of its leading philanthropists. Marks, who was a bachelor and the only child of a former state governor, had devoted most of his life to the welfare of under-privileged children throughout the world.

Dr. DeLator was among the many mourners who visited the Marks home on a very hot day in July. After viewing the body in the bedroom, the famous sleuth passed through the sweltering, crowded living room and into the library. Here were displayed the awards that had been given to the deceased by many heads of state for his work with children. Some of the medals, inlaid with jewels, were worth thousands of dollars.

DeLator had just nodded at the uniformed guard in the room when somebody shouted for a doctor. DeLator and the guard hurried into the living room, which had been thrown into a great commotion. A young man wearing a dark gabardine suit was carrying a young lady in his arms toward the front door. She apparently had fainted from the heat. When the photographer from the local newspaper hurried toward them, the young man at first looked flustered. Then he snapped: "Please, no pictures. This is Vivian Farns, the niece of the deceased. Show some respect. Let me get her outside."

DeLator directed the guard to detain the pair. Then he raced back to the library in time to prevent a thief from getting away with the valuable collection of medals.


What made DeLator suspicious?



deprived of: taken away (privado de)
unmarried man (solterón)
under-privileged: poor (pobres, sin recursos)
: persons present at a funeral, memorial service, etc.
(dolientes, de luto, de duelo)
: detective (colloquial). Pronounced /sluz/
: uncomfortably hot
living room
the principal room in a house used for common social activities
(sala de estar)
inlaid: decorated, ornamented
: moved his head slightly in a silent greeting
: wearing a uniform
(de uniforme)

had been thrown into a great commotion: had become a place of agitation and confusion (se hallaba totalmente alborotado)
front door =/= back door: the main entrance of a house (puerta de calle =/= puerta trasera)
: spoke sharply
(dijo secamente)
get her outside
: take her outside
(llevarla al exterior)
: told; commanded
detain the pair
: hold them; not permit them to leave
(detener a la pareja)
: hurried
getting away
: escaping
(escapar, huir)

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