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The Case of the
Dentist's Patient

2m 13s - American English


Dr. Marion Williams, a London-born New York dentist, was preparing to take a wax impression of the right lower teeth of his patient, Dorothy Hoover. Silently the door behind him opened. A gloved hand holding a gun appeared. Two shots sounded. Miss Hoover slumped over in the chair, badly wounded. An hour afterward, Inspector Winters was talking to Dr. DeLator about the case.


We've got a suspect. A few minutes before the shooting, the elevator boy took a nervous man to the fifteenth floor. That's the floor Dr. Williams's office is on, along with about five other offices. The elevator boy's description of the man fits a known criminal, John Burton. Burton is out on parole. I had him picked up at his rooming house. He thinks that I just want to question him about a minor parole infraction.

Burton was ushered into the inspector's office. He looked at the inspector angrily and demanded to know why he had been called in...


What's this all about?


Ever hear of Dr. Marion Williams?


No, why?


Dorothy Hoover was shot in the head less than two hours ago as she sat in a chair in Dr. Williams's office.


I've been sleeping all afternoon.


An elevator operator says he took a man answering your description to the fifteenth floor a moment before the shots were heard.


It wasn't me. I look like a lot of guys. I ain't been near a dentist's office since Sing Sing. This Williams, I bet he never saw me, so what can you prove?

Almost before those words were out of Burton's mouth, Dr. DeLator interjected:


You've told us enough to send you back to prison for a long time.


What was the basis of Delator's remark?



London-born = born in London (nacido en Londres)
a gloved hand
: a hand wearing a glove (una mano enguantada)
boy: a young man who operates an elevator (US) or a lift (UK) (operador de ascensor o elevador)
out on parole: released from prison before the end of the term but remaining under supervision
(en libertad condicional)
picked up: taken into custody by officials
(llevado en custodia)
rooming house: a house with furnished rooms for renting
(casa de alquiler)
parole infraction: failure to obey one of the rules governing the probationary status of a released prisoner
(infreacción de libertad condicional)
ushered into: guided to, taken to (conducido al interior de)
's this all about?: What is the purpose of this action? (¿Qué es lo que está ocurriendo?)
hear of...?: Have you ever heard of...? (¿Escuchó hablar alguna vez de...?)

answering your description: having features, characteristics, etc., similar to yours (que concuerda con su descripción)
It wasn't me
although some language purists require It wasn't I, the objective form is more widely used by educated speakers of American English (no se trataba de mí)
guys: (slang) men or boys
; people (tipos, fulanos)
I ain't been: (colloquial) am not; ain't is generally considered substandard, and is probably used here to indicate a low educational level for the speaker (no he estado)
since Sing Sing: since I was in Sing Sing (a maximum‑security prison located at Ossining, New York)
(desde que estuve en Sing Sing)
This Wi
lliams: the person named Williams that you have just mentioned (este tal Williams que menciona usted)
I bet: I am quite sure (estoy completamente seguro)
never saw me: didn't see me (substandard or colloquial)
(no me vio)
send you back = confine you in a jail) (mandarlo de nuevo a la cárcel)

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