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The Case of the

2m 01s - American English


Dr. DeLator knelt down to examine the spider which had spun a beautiful, wheel-shaped web across the lower half of the back door. He said to the young man who was with him...


This is a species of Argiopidae.


Uncle Phil would know its exact name. He's sort of a bug himself. I... I mean he won't let me kill anything, not even a rat. Look at his house I can't even dust away... the cobwebs for him.


Yes, it's rather like a setting for a horror show. Suppose you tell me what happened here.

The young man unfolded the story as he led the way toward the library...


Uncle Phil is in Europe on his sabbatical. He asked me to check the house once a week. I have the key to the front door. About an hour ago, I arrived to inspect the house. I heard noises as I entered. I called out. Suddenly a big man ran past me and out the back door. I might have caught him, but I tripped over a pile of bird‑food cartons in the hall and stunned myself. When I recovered, the intruder was gone. I found the safe as you see it, open and empty. I telephoned you right away from the house next door.


What was in the safe?


I've no idea, but I can write Uncle Phil. Here's the address.

He produced a folded slip of paper. DeLator read it...


"Blue Lion Hotel, Harwick, Roxburgh, Scotland". Well, young man, before you call the police, you had better improve your story.


What was wrong with the young man's story?



stunned: unconscious (inconsciente, desmayado)
spin/span/spun/spinning: form a web by making a thread (entretejer una red)
the shape of a wheel (con forma de rueda)
back door: the door at the back of the house (puerta trasera)
sort of a bug
: somewhat eccentric
(algo excéntrico)
dust away: remove with the gentle motion used in removing dust
(limpiar, eliminar, quitar)
cobweb: a dense elaborate spider web that is more efficient than the orb web (round spider web)
(red de telarañas)
horror show
: a play or movie designed to entertain by presenting frightening scenes and episodes
(espectáculo de horrores)
Suppose you tell me: Why don't you tell me
; somewhat more demanding and less polite than Please tell me
(por favor coménteme)
unfolded: made known; revealed (reveló)

led the way: went first to show the way (se adelantó)
sabbatical: sabbatical year; that is, the seventh year, when a college professor is granted leave from his duties for rest, travel, or research
(año sabático)
check: inspect for satisfactory condition, etc.
(inspeccionar, verificar)
tripped over: stumbled upon (tropecé con)
bird‑food cartons: cartons (large boxes) containing boxes or packages of food for birds
(cajas de alimento para aves)
stunned myself: lost my consciousness
(me desmayé)
the house next door: the next (adjacent or neighboring) house
(la casa vecina)
I've no idea: I don't know at all
(no tengo la menor idea)
you had better: you ought to; you should; it would be wise to
(sería mejor que usted)

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