SECTION A - Exercise 1
a. True; b. True; c. True; d. False; e. True;
f. False; g. False; h. True; i. True; j. True

SECTION A - Exercise 2
1. b; 2. b; 3. c

SECTION A - Exercise 3
a. 8; b. 4; c. 5; d. 6; e. 2; f. 6; g. 9; h. 5; i. 7; j. 3

(words or phrases in brackets are also possible options)

SECTION B - Exercise 1
1. has been killing; 2. of; 3. let; 4. up; 5. at least; 6. searching; 7. no; 8. made; 9. to buy; 10. into; 11. to mash; 12. ought;  3. would; 14. unable; 15. dead

SECTION B - Exercise 2
In my opinion it's time the government stopped pulling old buildings down.
2. I was advised (by him) to get a bike as using public transport is (was) quite complicated.
3. He must have hurt himself in the garden when he was mowing the lawn.
4. She seems to have lost her way.
5. Being an engineer, he has a great deal of experience with machines.
6. If they hadn't been playing tennis they shouldn't (wouldn't) have been exhausted.
7. Try getting up earlier and taking some exercise in order to get fit.
8. No matter how clever he is, he can still make mistakes like everyone else.
9. I can't stand being in a room where everybody is shouting.
10. In spite of the fact that they try very hard to protect some species, some organisations are not always successful.  

SECTION B - Exercise 3
should never have heard / should have / to prove / wouldn't miss / catching / will be working / have been one day / should stay / have been / is remembered

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