SECTION A - Exercise 1a
1. False; 2. False; 3. True; 4. True; 5. True; 6. False

SECTION A - Exercise 1b
a. shrink; b. hideout; c. worn-out; d. attachment; e. to grieve; f. merits

(words or phrases in brackets are also possible options)

SECTION B - Exercise 1
1. called off; 2. put up; 3. come off; 4. come across; 5. Watch out

SECTION B - Exercise 2
The walls will be replastered by Monday.
2. The result of the election will not be known until late tonight.
3. Unless I got paid, I wouldn't do the job.
4. Tom suggested going to the cinema
or Tom suggested that we should go to the cinema.
5. If I had been wearing my seat belt, I wouldn't have hurt my head when I crashed the car.
6. I should have listened to my mother's advice.
7. Despite her pride, she apologized 
or Despite the fact that she was proud she apologized. 

SECTION B - Exercise 3
don't really know / have been / was / always used to be / was always rehearsing / being asked / has won / was given / getting / shows off

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