ANSWERS UNIT 9 - Exercise B

1.  A: How long you (be) unemployed?
     B: I'm not unemployed now. I just (start) a new job.
     A: How you (find) the job?
     B: I (answer) an advertisement in the paper.

2.  A: What all those guys (look) at?
     B: There (be) an accident.
     A: You (see) what (happen)?
     B: Yes, a bus (run) into a truck

3.  A: Susan (feed) our dog Barker?
     B: Yes, she (feed) him after breakfast.
     A: What she (give) him?
     B: She (give) him some meat.

4.  A: Who you (vote) for at the last election?
     B: I (vote) for Mrs. Hillary Clinton.
     A: I guess she (not be) elected.
     B: No, she (lose).

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