What is Elizabeth's profession? 


   She's a business consultant.
   She's the owner of a restaurant-café.


The restaurant business demands to develop ... 


   ... a similar strategy to the competitors.
   ... a different strategy from the competition.


Which other factors does she mention as important? 


   A regularly visited location and decoration.
   Promotion and a frequented location.


How does she suggest to promote a restaurant?


   Through radio advertisements, newspapers and magazines.
   Through media advertisements and sending out of promotional

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Well, the restaurant business is very competitive, so one factor that's very important is to develop a concept for the restaurant, a strategy that distinguishes the restaurant from its competitors. What will make the restaurant different? How will it be better than other restaurants in the area?

Another important factor is the location. It's important to do some research and find out how many cars drive past the site every day and also how many pedestrians walk by. You want the restaurant to be known to people so it needs to be in a location that's frequented by business people, local people in the neighborhood, as well as visitors.

Finally, promotion is also crucial. You need to decide how you're going to attract first-time customers into the restaurant: through radio advertisements, through news-papers or magazines, for example. Or maybe through a form of direct marketing, such as sending out promotional material to potential customers, offering them a free drink or a meal coupon, or something like that.

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