What does Johnny do? 

   He's a repair man.
   He's an electronic engineer.


Where does he work? 

   In a store at a large supermarket.
   At a large department store.


What does he do there? 

   He repairs watches.
   He fixes all kinds of radio batteries.


Why does he always have some free time? 

   Because repairing a battery is fast.
   Because most watches run on batteries.


What does he do during his free time? 

   He listens to jokes about elephants.
   He tells his favorite jokes.

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I work in a watch repair center at a large department store. I repair all kinds of watches, but nowadays, most of them are pretty easy to fix because they all run on batteries. The most common problem is they need a new battery. Since that only takes a minute or so to fix, I always have plenty of time to tell my watch jokes... like this one: What time is it when an elephant sits on your watch? Time to buy a new watch!

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