Melissa is the owner of ...


   … a theme restaurant.
   … a restaurant in Latin America.


What are the dishes they serve like? 


   Quite small, tasty and healthy.
   Tasty but healthy.


What does Melissa plan to do next year?


   To open a restaurant in the Caribbean.
   To open a Caribbean food restaurant.


What is probably the reason for the restaurant success?


   Abundant food for a low price.
   Excellent food for a reasonable price.

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I'm the owner of a restaurant in the city. It's a kind of theme restaurant. We specialize in Latin American food, and we serve dishes that are tasty and also healthy. The restaurant started out quite small, but lately I've been able to double the amount of space we have and it's doing really well.

Next year I plan to open another restaurant based on the same successful formula: Maybe we'll serve food from the Caribbean... you know, like Jamaica and the Virgin Islands as well as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

I think the reason the restaurant is successful is that we concentrate on serving food of the very best quality for a reasonable price. I think advertising has also been important. We've run ads in magazines aimed at younger professional types, and the restaurant has become a kind of meeting place for people.

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