What does Nelly explain? 

   The way she learns new words.
   How to keep a vocabulary notebook.


What does she do whenever she finds a new word? 

   She writes it down.
   She writes it up.


What key information does she put down? 

   Whether the word is a verb or a noun.

   Some examples of the new words and

whether they are verbs or nouns.


How often does she study the new words? 

   Whenever she goes through her notebook.
   As often as she can do it.


What learning method does she believe in? 

   By memorizing new words.
   By repeating new words.

TRANSCRIPTION (Click on PLAY to listen again)


I keep a vocabulary notebook. It's organized alphabetically. Whenever I hear or read a new word, I write it down. Then when I have time, I look it up in my dictionary. Then I put down some key information about the word... you know, whether it's a noun or a verb, and some examples of how it's used. I go through the notebook and study the words as often as I can. I really believe that the only way to learn new words -even in your own language- is by memorizing them.

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