What does Rodolfo do at present? 

   He doesn't mention it.
   He's a flight attendant.


What's his comment about? 

   How he developed his travelling skills.
   How he became a good conversationalist.


How did he learn to communicate with people? 

   As a flight attendant.
   As a passenger during long flights.


What is key to be a good conversationalist? 

   To get people to talk about all kinds of stuff.
   To be interested in other people.

TRANSCRIPTION (Click on PLAY to listen again)


I guess I learned how to communicate with people when I was a flight attendant. I worked as a flight attendant for five years. The most important thing you have to do in that job is to talk to passengers... especially during long flights. You learn to talk about all kinds of stuff, and you find out just how interesting some people's lives are. I think the key to being a good conversationalist is to be sincerely interested in other people and to try to get them to talk about themselves as much as possible.

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