What is Samuel's job? 

   He's a repair man.
   He's a garbage-disposal designer.


What does he do, exactly? 

   He repairs Barbie dolls.
   He repairs household appliances.


Where are usually garbage-disposal systems installed? 

   In the bathroom.
   In the kitchen.
   Inside walk-in closets.


Why does the disposal system sometimes get jammed? 

   People put too much food into it.
   People pour liquids in excess.


What happened once? 

   A Barbie doll was put down into the disposal.
   A Barbie doll fell down into the disposal.

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I repair household appliances. The most frequent calls I get are from people who are having trouble with the garbage-disposal system in their kitchen. Usually the thing gets jammed because the people have put too much food into it at one time or something metal or plastic has fallen down into it. It's usually pretty easy to fix a garbage disposal, but every once in a while, you run into situations that aren't exactly typical. One time, a little girl had put her Barbie doll down into the disposal. She thought Barbie would enjoy the ride. She couldn't get the doll back out again, and she was afraid to tell her mother what she'd done. So when the mother went to use the disposal, it made a horrible noise and then died... and so did Barbie.

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