Venal Vera



Reynolds was born in New York in 1902 and he became one of the most famous World War II correspondents which he reported from beginning to end as an associate editor at Collier’s magazine. In his 1963 autobiography, he described the war as “short on glamour and long on tragedy.” He covered Hitler’s rise to power and reported from Europe, the Pacific, Russia, North Africa, and the Middle East. When Reynolds arrived in Germany in 1933, few Americans viewed Hitler as a threat. Reynolds, however, quickly recognized Hitler’s power when he heard him speak to German farmers: “They didn’t laugh; they all wept and kneeled,” the correspondent said after the war. “And then they applauded him for a good fifteen minutes. He had that certain animal magnetism—like an evangelist.” During the German blitz on London, Reynolds and Edward R. Murrow were the only American correspondents in the city. Reynolds was also in France just before it fell to the Germans. At the time, American correspondents were being kept away from the front lines, but the resourceful Reynolds figured out a way to get in. He presented a French official with a telegram he threatened to send: "dear uncle franklin, am having difficulty getting accredited to french army. time is important... please give my love to aunt eleanor". The French, believing that Reynolds was President Roosevelt’s nephew, soon allowed him to reach the front. He was one of the last correspondents to leave France after the German occupation.

Quentin James Reynolds


Venal Vera

They call me Venal Vera, I'm a lovely from Gezira,
The Führer pays me well for what I do.
The order of the battle, I obtained from last night's rattle
On the golf course with a Brigadier from 'Q'.

I often have to tarry on the back seat of a gharry,
It's part of my profession as a spy,
While his mind's on copulation I'm exacting information
From a senior GSO or GSI.

When I yield to the caresses of the DDWS's
I get from them the low-down on the works,
And when sleeping in the raw with a major from G4
I learn of Britain's bargain with the Turks.

On the point of the emission, in the 23rd position,
While I quavered with exotic ecstasy,
I heard of the location of a very secret station
From an over-sexed SO from OS3.

So the Colonels and the Majors, and the whisky-soaked old
Enjoy themselves away from England's shore,
Why bring victory nearer when the lovelies of Gezira
Provide them with a lovely fucking war?

Quentin James Reynolds


a lovely: a very pretty girl who works as a photographer's model
Gezira: Gezira is in Sudan, but the Gezira Golf Club in in Cairo (a favoured stop for British soldiers in World War II) may be intended.
gharry: box-like horse-drawn vehicle typical of the Near East.
GSO: General Staff Officer.
: General Staff Intelligence.
DDWS: Perhaps "Department of Drinking Water Supply" staff.
SO: Senior Officer.
: perhaps "Operations Specialist 3".
stagers: veterans.


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