Les Silhouettes



Wilde was born in Dublin, the son of an eye-surgeon and a literary hostess and writer. After studying at Trinity College, Dublin, Wilde went to Magdalen College, Oxford. While at Oxford he became notorious for his flamboyant wit, talent, charm and aestheticism, and this reputation soon won him a place in London society. In 1884 he married and had two sons, for whom he probably wrote his first book of fairy tales, The Happy Prince. The next decade was his most prolific and the time when he wrote the plays for which he is best remembered. His writing and particularly his plays are epigramatic and witty and Wilde was not afraid to shock. This period was also haunted by accusations about his personal life, chiefly prompted by the Marquess of Queensberry's fierce opposition to the intense friendship between Wilde and her son, Lord Alfred. These accusations culminated in 1895 in Wilde's imprisonment. While in prison, Wilde was declared bankrupt, and after his release he lived on the generosity of friends. From prison he wrote a long and bitter letter to Lord Alfred, part of which was published as De Profundis.

Oscar Wilde


Les Silhouettes

The sea is flecked with bars of grey,
The dull dead wind is out of tune,
And like a withered leaf the moon
Is blown across the stormy bay.

Etched clear upon the pallid sand
Lies the black boat: a sailor boy
Clambers aboard in careless joy
With laughing face and gleaming hand.

And overhead the curlews cry,
Where through the dusky upland grass
The young brown-throated reapers pass,
Like silhouettes against the sky.

Oscar Wilde


flecked: manchado
out of tune: desentonado, fuera de lugar
a withered leaf: como una hoja marchita
sotrmy bay: tormentosa, tempestuosa bahía
etched: grabada
pallid: pálida, descolorida
clambers: trepa, se encarama
careless joy: alegría indiferente
gleaming: fulgurante, resplandeciente
overhead: en lo alto
the curlews cry
: cantan, chillan los chorlitos (pájaros)
dusky: moreno, parduzco
brown-throated: cuellos bronceados
reapers: segadores, cosechadores
like silhouettes: como siluetas, figuras a contraluz


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