The answers below are just examples. Other alternatives are also possible. Estas respuestas son sólo ejemplos. Otras alternativas son también posibles.

159. Did you see the accident happen?

- Yeah. A truck crossed the traffic red light and crashed into a van. The van's driver was seriously injured.
- No, I didn't. I was at the supermarket when it happened.

160. Did you notice anyone go out?

- Yes, I saw a strange man opening the door of the store.
I couldn't see anyone. I was sleeping at that time.

161. Can you smell something burning?

- Oh, gosh. Maybe my chicken is ruined!!
- Don't be afraid. It's a new aromatic candle I bought.

162. Do you have a ten-dollar bill?

- Sure. Take it. Do you need extra change?
- Sorry. I've given out all my change.

163. Do you think the police are well paid?

- It depends on the country. The income for an Argentine policeman is really low.
- I think they don't earn enough money.

164. What time should we meet?

- I think 06:30 pm is OK. Do you agree?
- Please, tell me what time is most convenient to you.


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