The answers below are just examples. Other alternatives are also possible. Estas respuestas son sólo ejemplos. Otras alternativas son también posibles.

19. Would you like to go to the movies with us Saturday night?

- Yes, I'd love to. It's a very good idea.
- Oh, sorry. I'll be working at home for long hours.

20. Are you going to the party?

- Yes, of course. They invited me on Wednesday.
- No, I haven't been invited yet.

21. Will Tom be here tomorrow?

- I hope he can get a ticket to fly.
- No, he can't. He phoned this morning.

22. What can I do?

- Talk to your boss about this problem. She/he will understand.

23. Do you live near here?

- Yes. Just round the corner.
- Oh, no. I've just moved to another neighborhood..

24. What time does the movie begin?

- At 06:30 pm.



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