The answers below are just examples. Other alternatives are also possible. Estas respuestas son sólo ejemplos. Otras alternativas son también posibles.

43. Do you work in the evenings?

- Yes, I work long hours during the week.
- No. I have a 9 to 5 job.

44. Do you usually go out on Saturday evenings?

- Yes. I usually go out to have dinner.
- No. I usually stay at home with my kids.

45. What do you have in your hand?

- Oh, it's an old key from my grandmother's house.

46. When are your friends returning to Italy?

- They are leaving on Sunday.
- Their flight is taking off at 08:00 this evening.

47. Can you explain this word to me? LIBRARY

- A LIBRARY is a building that holds an important collection of books.

48. Thank you for calling Travel Options. Sophia speaking. How can I help you?

- Hello. I'd like some information about your winter package tours to Argentina.
- Hi. I'm interested in visiting Buenos Aires. Could you tell me if there are any inexpensive tours?



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