The answers below are just examples. Other alternatives are also possible. Estas respuestas son sólo ejemplos. Otras alternativas son también posibles.

116. There is somebody at the door. Should I go and see who it is?

- Yes, please. I'm busy right now.
- Yeah. Ask him what he wants but please don't open the door.

117. What time did they get to London?

- They arrived at about 06:00pm.
- I don't know. They haven't phoned yet.

118. When did they arrive in Brazil?

- They arrived on January 18th.
- They arrived last week (last month, yesterday).

119. What time did they arrive at the hotel?

- At about noon (midnight).
- At 06:30 pm they were in their hotel room.

120. Who was that man you were talking to?

- Mr. Help. OM PERSONAL's assistant.
- Mr. Bortman, my new boss.

121. Do you want these newspapers, or should I throw them away?

- You can throw them away. I've read them all.
- Don't throw them away. There are some interesting articles I want to keep.


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