The answers below are just examples. Other alternatives are also possible. Estas respuestas son sólo ejemplos. Otras alternativas son también posibles.

98. Are you thinking of buying a car?

- Yes, I think I could buy one.
- Not yet. I've been saving some money but that's not enough.

99. What did you do after finishing school?

- I went to college in 1995.
- I applied for a job in a travel agency

100. Are you looking forward to the weekend?

- Oh, yeah. I need to have a good rest.
- Not really. My boss asked me to work on Saturday.

101. Did you buy any apples?  

- Yes. They looked so delicious that I bought 2 kilos.
- No. I couldn't find nice apples to buy.

102. Did you buy any apple juice?

- Yes. Here you are. Pipo's Juice, your favorite juice.
- Oh, sorry. I completely forgot.

103. Did you like the coffee we had after dinner last night?

- Sure. You prepared such a good espresso coffee!!
- In fact, I didn't. It wasn't strong enough.


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