02 - John and Alice are getting married



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Fred, you know who John Taylor is, don't you?  


Of course I know who he is. He's president of the Senior Class!  


Well, John and Alice White are getting married... and right after graduation.  


Getting married! I didn't even know they were engaged!


You mean you haven't noticed Alice's ring?    


No, I haven't seen her for a long time.  


Actually, I don't see Alice very much either. I guess she's been pretty busy.  


Are getting married. The two-word verb get married has largely replaced the intransitive use of the verb marry (but not the transitive use: He married his boyhood sweetheart). Like many two-word verbs (get up, sit down), get married has the stronger stress on the second word. Here, as in many cases, the progressive form of the verb is used to indicate future time: John and Alice are going to get married.

You mean to say...? is ellipsis for Do you mean to say...?

Actually = really, as a matter of fact.

I guess = I imagine, I suppose.


The class graduating from secondary school is called the Senior Class. In general, all high-school classes every year hold class elections, often accompanied by campaigning, speech making, and election promises. Patterned after national elections for public office, these are considered firsthand training in self-government. One of the highest school honors is to be elected president of the Senior Class. John and Alice are “engaged" to be married. He has given her an "engagement" ring to indicate their mutual commitment. An engagement may last only a short while, or it may be months or even years before the couple gets married. The modern trend is to short engagements.

Source: English Teaching Forum - Author: Julia Dobson

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