13 - How about homework?



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Speaking of studying, isn’t it about time you did your homework, Dot?


I don't have any tonight.  


What? No homework? Not even any reading to do? 


I finished all my homework this afternoon.


Well then, you can help me wash the dishes.  


Oh, Mom...  I'll help you tomorrow night. It's Tom's turn tonight.  


Homework is another of the many noun-noun combinations, and, like most of them, it has the major stress on the first element.

What? No homework? With the phraseology and the intonation given, these phrases mean something like "Did you say what I thought you said? Do you really HAVE no homework?"

Well, then = in that case.

Mom is probably the most common term that children use in addressing their mother. Many, especially younger children, use Mommy or Mama. Ma, the shortened form of Mama, is less usual. Children also often use the more formal Mother.


Housework consists of the various chores involved in "keeping house", such as making beds, cleaning, and washing dishes. The children of a family, both boys and girls usually have various housework chores assigned to them. Often they take turns washing the dishes after the family meal. The evening meal (called variously "dinner" or "supper") may be the only one at which the whole family sits down at the table together. The debate over whose turn it is to clean up afterward can sometimes become quite lively!

Source: English Teaching Forum - Author: Julia Dobson

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