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A. Directions
Watch this video and try to do activity B below..


B. Activity
Try to answer the questions about the video.
Then check here your answers.

1. What does CEO stand for in this context?


Civil Engineer Operator.
Chief Executive Officer.
Corporate Entrepreneur Organizer.

2. What is the company's plan?


To trim staff by 18 per cent in 20 months
To reduce staff by 20 per cent in 18 months.
To train production staff with 20 years of service.

3. What does "early retirement" mean?


re-location to another area of the company
non-renewal of short-term contracts
end of employment before the legally stipulated age

4. "Downsizing" means ...


reducing the number of staff in a company
negotiating a dismissal with the CEO of the company
increasing the number of workers in a company

5. Who is usually in charge of this kind of negotiations?


the CEO of the company.
the Personnel manager.
the Unions.

6. What will happen to the company work force, according to John?


They will be left with staff under 10 years of service.
They will be left with untrained middle-aged people.
They will be left with untrainable 50-year olds.

On the next page, watch the video again and check the video transcription.


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