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Nivel Avanzado



LIFE: Education

GLOSSARY: Personal qualities: Nouns; LISTENING: Learning new words - Parts 1, 2 and 3; GRAMMAR: BY + Gerund structure; PRONUNCIATION: BY + Gerund structure; LISTENING: The course catalog; GRAMMAR: Would rather / Would prefer structures; PRONUNCIATION: Would rather / Would prefer structures; READING COMPREHENSION: School at home; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 1 to 10; AUDIO MP3: Files 1 to 6. 

LIFE: Behavior

GLOSSARY: Personal qualities: Adjectives; LISTENING: About childhood; GRAMMAR: Adverbial clauses of time; PRONUNCIATION: Time clauses; GRAMMAR: Gerund phrases; PRONUNCIATION: Gerud phrases; LISTENING: I really regret it; GRAMMAR: Expressing regrets; PRONUNCIATION: Expressing regrets; READING COMPREHENSION: Nelson Mandela; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 11 to 22; AUDIO MP3: Files 7 to 11. 

LIFE: Challenge

GLOSSARY: Antonyms or opposites: Nouns; LISTENING: Congratulations. A psychologist. A camp counselor. A firefighter; GRAMMAR: Accomplishments; PRONUNCIATION: Accomplishments; GRAMMAR: 'Hope' for expectations; PRONUNCIATION: Comparisons; LISTENING: Being a volunteer; GRAMMAR: Complex gerund phrases; PRONUNCIATION: Complex gerund phrases; READING COMPREHENSION: Doctors without borders; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 23 to 31; AUDIO MP3: Files 12 to 19. 

PEOPLE: Personality

GLOSSARY: Personality and character: Adjectives; LISTENING: Roomate search; GRAMMAR: IT + WHEN clauses; PRONUNCIATION: IT + WHEN clauses; GRAMMAR: Requests with modals and IF clauses; PRONUNCIATION: Modals + IF clauses; GLOSSARY: Urban personalities: Nouns; LISTENING: A guy not too serious; GRAMMAR: Relative pronouns as subjects and objects; PRONUNCIATION: Relative pronouns; READING COMPREHENSION: Chinese Horoscope; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 32 to 43; AUDIO MP3: Files 20 to 24. 

PEOPLE: Culture

GLOSSARY: Feelings while living abroad: Adjectives; LISTENING: Working in India. In Asia. In Spain. In Middle East; GRAMMAR: Noun phrases; PRONUNCIATION: Noun phrases + relative clauses; GRAMMAR: Indirect requests; PRONUNCIATION: Indirect requests; GLOSSARY: Common traits: five-letter words; LISTENING: An invitation; GRAMMAR: Expectations; PRONUNCIATION: Expectations; READING COMPREHENSION: Different cultures; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 44 to 55; AUDIO MP3: Files 25 to 32. 

PEOPLE: Service

GLOSSARY: Unusual occupations: Nouns; LISTENING: Dating service. First, second and third speaker; GRAMMAR: Suggestions and advice. PRONUNCIATION: Suggestions and advice; LISTENING: The fortune-teller; GRAMMAR: Have / Get something done; PRONUNCIATION: Have / Get something done; Word formation; READING COMPREHENSION: What is Feng Shui?; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 56 to 66; AUDIO MP3: Files 33 to 39. 

SELF-EVALUATION TEST # 1: Units 1 to 6

Self-evaluation test with answers. 
AUDIO MP3: Files 40 to 43. 

SOCIETY: Complaint

GLOSSARY: Everyday problems: Verbs and adjectives; LISTENING: First tenant. Second tenant; GRAMMAR: Need + passive infinitive or gerund. Compound adjectives; PRONUNCIATION: Need + passive infinitive or gerund; LISTENING: First customer. Second customer; GRAMMAR: Describing problems; PRONUNCIATION: Describing problems; GLOSSARY: Household appliances: Nouns; READING COMPREHENSION: Consumer magazine; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 67 to 78; AUDIO MP3: Files 44 to 49. 

SOCIETY: Success

GLOSSARY: Qualities for success: Adjectives; LISTENING: My own restaurant; GRAMMAR: Infinitive clauses of purpose; PRONUNCIATION: Infinitive clauses of purpose; LISTENING: Time to dance; GRAMMAR: Describing features. Giving reasons; PRONUNCIATION: Describing features. Giving reasons; LISTENING: First entrepreneur. Second entrepreneur; READING COMPREHENSION: How to change the world: Google; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 79 to 89; AUDIO MP3: Files 50 to 55. 

SOCIETY: Controversy

GLOSSARY: Social issues: Nouns; LISTENING: Making ends meet; GRAMMAR: Tag questions; PRONUNCIATION: Tag questions. Giving opinions; LISTENING: Noisy neighbors; GRAMMAR: Recommendations with passive modals; PRONUNCIATION: Recommendations with passive modals; LISTENING: About the news 1. About the news 2; READING COMPREHENSION: The law into your hands; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 90 to 100; AUDIO MP3: Files 56 to 62. 

EVENTS: Environment

GLOSSARY: Worldwide problems: Nouns; LISTENING: Where do I sign?; GRAMMAR: Passive + prepositions of cause; PRONUNCIATION: Passive + prepositions of cause; Passive to describe process; LISTENING: Companies hate bad publicity; GRAMMAR: Infinitive clauses and phrases; PRONUNCIATION: Infinitive clauses and phrases; LISTENING: Environmental solution 1. Environmental solution 2; READING COMPREHENSION: A biodegradable credit card; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 101 to 111; AUDIO MP3: Files 63 to 69. 

EVENTS: History

GLOSSARY: Historical events: Nouns; LISTENING: Quizzing Edgar; GRAMMAR: Time reference in the past; PRONUNCIATION: Time reference in the past; LISTENING: New computers; GRAMMAR: How to describe the future; PRONUNCIATION: How to describe the future; LISTENING: The future 1. The future 2. The future 3. The future 4; READING COMPREHENSION: About vaccination; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 112 to 122; AUDIO MP3: Files 70 to 77. 

EVENTS: Mystery

GLOSSARY: Points of view: Nouns; LISTENING: The guest is late; GRAMMAR: Past modals: degrees of certainty; PRONUNCIATION: Past modals: degrees of certainty; LISTENING: My wife's boss; GRAMMAR: Past modals: opinions and advice; PRONUNCIATION: Past modals: opinions and advice; LISTENING: The unforeseen 1. The unforeseen 2. The unforeseen 3. The unforeseen 4; READING COMPREHENSION: The Abominable Snowman; ACTIVITIES: Exercises 123 to 131; AUDIO MP3: Files 78 to 85. Farewell song.

SELF-EVALUATION TEST # 2: Units 7 to 12

Self-evaluation test with answers. 
AUDIO MP3: Files 86 to 89.