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Reading: Part 2/4
Three themed texts followed by two 4-option
multiple-choice questions on each text.

ACTIVITY 29: You are going to read one extract from a novel which is concerned in some way with providing a service. For questions 3-4, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. Then check the correct answers.


'I was up in town yesterday,' I tell Tony easily, turning back from my long study of the sky outside the window as if I'd simply been wondering whether the matter was worth mentioning, 'and someone I was talking to thinks he knows someone who might possibly be interested.'
Tony frowns. 'Not a dealer?' he queries suspiciously.
'No, no — a collector. Said to be keen on eighteenth-century art. Especially the sculptures of Paul Dubois. Very keen.'
'Money all right?' Tony asks.
'Money, as I understand it, is far from being a problem.'
So, it's all happening. The words are coming. And it's not at all a bad start, it seems to me. I'm impressed with myself. I've given him a good spoonful of jam to sweeten the  tiny pill  that's arriving next.
'Something of a mystery man, though, I gather,' I say solemnly. 'Keeps a low profile. Won't show his face in public.'
Tony looks at me thoughtfully. And sees right through me. All my boldness vanishes at once. I've been caught cheating my neighbours! I feel the panic rise.
'You mean he wouldn't want to come down here to look at it?'
'I don't know,' I flounder hopelessly. 'Perhaps... possibly...'
'Take it up to town,' he says decisively. 'Get your chum to show it to him.'
I'm too occupied in breathing again to be able to reply. He misconstrues my silence.
'Bit of a bore for you,' he says.

Questions 3-4


When he brings up the subject of the Dubois sculpture, the narrator wants to give Tony the impression of being...


A.    cautious.
B.    resigned.
C.    mysterious.


What is the narrator referring to when he uses the expression "tiny pill" (highlighted in the text above)?


A.    His shortage of precise details about the collector.
B.    His lack of certainty about the value of the painting.
C.   His concerns about the collector's interest in the painting.
  His doubts about the collector's ability to pay for the painting.


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