1000 Phrasal Verbs






abide by

keep to rules, decisions,
promises or agreements

If you decide to do it, you'll have to abide by their strict rules.
Si decides hacerlo tendrás que acatar sus estrictas normas.

account for

explain, give a good reason
for something

The storm accounts for the plane crash.
La tormenta explica el accidente aéreo.

act like

behave in a specific way

Herbert is acting like a fool today.
Herbert se está comportando como un tonto hoy.

act up


Both kids have been acting up all day long.
Los dos chicos se estuvieron portando mal todo el día.

add in


Please add Macarena in: she would like to go on the picnic tomorrow with you all.
Por favor, incluyan a Macarena: ella quisiera ir al picnic de mañana con todos ustedes.

add up

1) find the total of numbers

1) You made a mistake when you were adding the bill up.
Cometió un error cuando sumó la cuenta.

2) to have sense

2) "I can't understand this. It doesn't add up".
"No entiendo esto. No
le encuentro sentido".

add up to

result in, total

lt all adds up to this: she is entirely untrustworthy.
Todo se puede resumir así: ella no es para nada confiable.

allow for

take into consideration,
take into account

All hunters allow for the possibility of boar bites.
Todo cazador tiene en cuenta las mordeduras de los jabalíes.

answer back

answer a reproof impudently,
retort (colloquial)

Don't answer back when your parents talk to you.
No contestes mal a tus padres cuando te están hablando.

answer up

reply clearly and without
any delay

Jane answered up when the visitor addressed her.
Jane respondió rápidamente cuando el visitante se dirigió a ella.

answer up to

have a ready reply (to)

His wife answered up to every question the police asked her.
Su esposa respondió a cada pregunta que la policía le hizo.

apply for

ask for something

One hundred subscribers have applied for a scholarship to study our new OM COMPANY Business Course online.
Cien suscriptores han solicitado una beca para realizar por Internet nuestro nuevo Curso de Negocios OM COMPANY.

ask after someone

ask about a person,
his health, etc.

Lucy has asked after your mom.
Lucy ha preguntado por la salud de tu mamá.

ask down

invite (a person) to come downstairs    

They asked me down to talk to them.
Me pidieron que bajara a hablar con ellos.

ask for


The sales manager asked for a new extension.
El gerente de ventas solicitó un nuevo interno.

ask in

invite (a person) into a house
(usually separated)

Ask your new friend in; we would all like to meet him.
Haz pasar a tu nuevo amigo; todos queremos conocerlo.

ask out

invite (a person) to any form
of entertainment.

Barbara's friends always ask her out.
Los amigos de Bárbara siempre la invitan a salir.

ask up

invite (a person) to come

The invalid asked Ann up to talk to her.
La inválida le pidió a Ann que subiera a hablar con ella.


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