1000 Phrasal Verbs






pack up


1) put things away, get things ready for a journey, a holiday

Helen has already packed everything up for her rip.
Helen ya ha empacado todo para su viaje.

2) stop work (colloquial)

It's time we packed up and went home.
Es hora de dejar de trabajar (guardar todo) e irnos a casa.

3) stop functioning,
break down

The car engine seems to have packed up.
Parece que el motor del automóil ha dejado de funcionar.

pair off


marry (colloquial
and intransitive)


Some of the students paired off after meeting one another at Burbon College.
Algunos estudiantes se casaron después de haberse conocido en la Universidad Burbon.

pal up with

become friendly with

Annie has already palled up with Joan and Sylvia.
Annie ya se ha hecho amiga de Joan y Sylvia.

palm off

get rid of a useless object

He palmed off his old radio on me.
Me regaló (por inservible) su vieja radio.

pan out

result (colloquial)

The new system seems to have panned out well.
El nuevo sistema parece haber salido bueno

paper over

repair superficially

They attempted to paper over their differences.
Ellos intentaron reparar sus diferencias.

part with


give up reluctantly


Your books are occupying too much space. You'll have to part with them.
Tus libros están ocupando demasiado espacio. Aunque no te guste, vas a tener que deshacerte de ellos.

pass along

circulate, pass to people

Pass this notice along, please.
Haz circular este aviso, por favor

pass away


The old man passed away last week.
El anciano falleció la semana pasada.

pass back


Pass the book back when you have finished with it.
Devuelve el libro cuando hayas terminado con él.

pass by


1) move towards

When I was passing by I heard a crash.
Justo cuando pasaba escuché un choque.

2) omit, disregard

He passed that point by in his lecture.
Omitió (Se salteó) ese tema en su conferencia.

pass off


1) happen

Her performance passed off quite successfully.
Su actuación fue realmente exitosa.

2) fade, decrease

Has your toothache passed off yet?
¿Ya se te pasó el dolor de muelas?

pass out 

faint, become unconscious

It was so hot, I almost passed out.
Hizo tanto calor que casi me desmayo.

pass up

miss a chance,
not take advantage

She couldn't pass up such an opportunity and left today.
No podía dejar pasar semejante oportunidad y se fue hoy.

pay back


1) return what is owing

He has not paid the two hundred dollars back.
Todavía no ha devuelto los doscientos dólares.

2) take revenge on


I shall pay him back for all he said about me.
Me vengaré (Le pagaré con la misma moneda) por todo lo que dijo de mí.

pay in


deposit money with a bank
to one's own or another's account

The auditor has found that more was drawn out from the bank than was paid in.
El auditor ha detectado que se ha extraído más dinero del banco del que fue depositado

pension off 

dismiss with a pension

Nice company!! He was pensioned off at the age of fifty.
¡¡Bonita empresa!!
Lo jubilaron a la edad de cincuenta años.

phase in


introduce gradually


The new program will be phased in over the next six months.
El nuevo programa será presentado progresivamente en los próximos seis meses.

phase out 

cease gradually

The old program will gradually be phased out.
El viejo programa será retirado gradualmente.

pick on

choose someone for kidding,
be unkind to

Because he was the youngest, the other boys picked on him.
Por ser el más joven los otros muchachos se metían con él.

pick out


1) choose, select

She picked out the most expensive pair of shoes.
Escogió el par de zapatos más costoso.

2) distinguish

I can't pick you out on this old school photograph!!
¡¡No logro reconocerte en esta vieja fotografía escolar!!

pick up


1) lift up from the ground

Please, pick up your feet. I'm cleaning the floor.
Por favor levanta los pies. Estoy limpiando el piso.

2) collect

My wife is going to pick up some Concord grapes..
Mi esposa pasará a recoger algunas uvas Concord.

3) improve

Our business is picking up.
Nuestro negocio está mejorando (progresando).

4) learn casually


I picked this information up while waiting in the line to pay.
Me enteré por casualidad de esta información mientras hacía cola para pagar.

5) collect someone or
something in a car, boat, etc.

We can pick you up at six.
Podemos pasar a buscarte a la seis.

6) recover one's strength

The patient has picked up considerably during this month.
El paciente se ha recuperado considerablemente este mes.

7) rescue

The survivors were picked up near South Africa.
Los sobrevivientes fueron rescatados cerca de Sudáfrica.

pin down


get a commitment


The Police tried to pin the boy down to details about the death.
La Policía intentó poner al muchacho contra la pared en busca de los antecedentes de la muerte.

pitch in 

help, set to work energetically (colloquial)

If everyone pitches in, the work will be done in a few minutes.
Si todos colaborar, este trabajo se puede hacer en minutos.

play along 


pretend to agree


Let's play along until we find out what his plans are.
Finjamos estar de acuerdo hasta que averigüemos cuáles son sus planes.

play down 

make or cause to appear
less important

He played down the importance of the news.
Le dio muy poca importancia a las noticias.

play off against 

encourage to fight

Very cleverly Maria played one boyfriend off against the other.
Muy astutamente, María puso a un novio en contra del otro.

play up to 

flatter (colloquial)

For his own advantage, he always plays up to his boss.
Para ventaja propia, él siempre adula a su jefe.

point out 

draw attention to, show,

She pointed out the advantages of the proposal.
Ella destacó las ventajas de la propuesta.

polish off 

finish (colloquial)

We polished off the rest of the apple pie.
Terminamos (Liquidamos) el resto del pastel de manzanas.

prey on 


1) hunt and eat

1) Brown bears prey on fish.
Los osos pardos pescan y devoran peces.

2) disturb

2) This idea preys on my mind.
Esta idea agobia mi mente.

provide for 

prepare for

In our company we have provided for any emergency.
En nuestra empresa estamos preparados para emergencias.

pull down 




Many old buildings are pulled down to make way for new ones.
Muchos edificios antiguos se están demoliendo para hacer lugar a los nuevos.

pull in 

vehicle arrives

The bus pulled in next to the curb.
El ómnibus paró junto al cordón de la vereda.

pull off 

win, succeed in

Do you think she can pull off her new plan?
¿Crees que puede tener éxito con su nuevo plan?

pull out of 

a vehicle leaves a place

The train pulled out of the station.
El tren salió de la estación.

pull out 

a vehicle leaves

The train pulled out at ten o'clock.
El tren salió a las diez en punto.

pull over 

drive to the side of the road

The policeman ordered me to pull over.
El policía ordenó detenerme al costado de la carretera.

pull up 

remove (weeds, etc) by pulling

The gardener was pulling up weeds all the morning.
El jardinero estuvo desmalezando toda la mañana.

pull through 


The doctor thinks his wife will pull through.
El doctor piensa que su esposa va a mejorar.

push on with

go ahead, continue

I must push on with my work.
Debo continuar con (dándole fuerte a) mi trabajo.

put away

put things tidily in their place

It is time to put the toys away.
Es hora de guardar estos juguetes.

put back 

return to original location

Please put these books back on the shelf.
Por favor devuelve estos libros al estante.

put down to 

attribute to

We put his bad temper down to fatigue and work stress.
Atribuimos su mal carácter al cansancio y estrés laboral.

put off 


We cannot put off the meeting again.
No podemos postergar nuevamente la reunión.

put on


1) dress oneself in,
put clothes on

I put on my old clothes for the journey.
Me puse mi ropa vieja para el viaje.

2) gain, increase

Has she put any weight on?
¿Ha subido ella algo de peso? (¿Engordó algo?)

3) switch on

Put the light on, please.
Enciende la luz, por favor.

put out


1) place outside, expel,
drive out

Have you put out the cat?
¿Has sacado el gato?

2) extend, hold out

He put out his hand for me to shake.
El extendió su mano para estrechar la mía.

3) begin a voyage, set sail

Their tiny vessel put out to sea.
Su diminuta embarcación se hizo a la mar.

4) extinguish

The six firemen soon put out the fire.
Los seis bomberos extinguieron pronto el incendio.

5) switch off

Put out the lamp now, please.
Desconecte (Apague) la lámpara ahora, por favor.

6) annoy (usually used
in the passive)

I was put out by his aggressive attitude to me.
Me molestó su actitud agresiva hacia mí.

7) inconvenience, trouble

He said he did not want to put us out by accepting our dinner.
Dijo que no quería incomodarnos al aceptar nuestra cena.

8) dislocate

I must have put my shoulder out while I was playing tennis.
Debo haberme dislocado el hombro mientras jugaba tenis.

9) publish

Dr. Wise has just put out a book on education.
El Dr. Wise acaba de publicar un libro sobre educación.

put through 


1) carry out

The new plan has been put through successfully.
El nuevo plan ha sido llevado a cabo con éxito.

2) connect by telephone
(usually separated)

Please, put me through to Extension 106.
Por favor, comuníqueme con el Interno 106.

put up 


1) raise, hold up

Please help me to put this ladder up.
Por favor ayúdame a levantar esta escalera.

2) raise (prices)

Bread has been put up to 4 dollars a kilo.
El pan ha sido incrementado a 4 dólares el kilo.

3) pack away, put aside,
lay away

We decided to put the deck chairs up for this winter.
Decidimos guardar las sillas de jardín por este invierno.

4) build, erect

I've put a shed up at the end of my garden.
He construido un galpón en el fondo de mi jardín

5) provide lodging and food

We can put you up for the weekend.
Podemos alojarte durante el fin de semana.

6) lodge

We put up for the night at Werton Lodge.
Nos hospedamos por la noche en la Posada Werton.

7) propose for election,

The party put up Mr. Reno as their candidate.
El partido propuso como candidato al Sr. Reno.

8) offer for sale by auction

Three valuable pictures were put up for tomorrow's auction.
Para el remate de mañana se colocaron tres valiosos cuadros.

9) provide for a business purpose

Mariana's father put up the money for her dental clinic.
El padre de Mariana puso el dinero para su clínica dental.

10) offer a prayer

The priest put up a prayer for safety in Spain.
El sacerdote elevó una plegaria por la seguridad en España.

put up to

instigate, urge to do wrong
(usually separated)

She put me up to playing a trick on the teacher.
Me incitó a hacerle una broma al profesor.

put up with


endure, tolerate, suffer


When he lived in Buenos Aires and Santiago he had to put up with crowded buses.
Cuando vivía en Buenos Aires y Santiago tuvo que soportar ómnibus saturados de gente.


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