1000 Phrasal Verbs






wade through

slowly peruse

We had to wade through a pile of documents.
Tuvimos que recorrer lentamente una pila de documentos.

wait on 

attend, assist, help

Two salesgirls are waiting on the customer.
Dos vendedoras están atendiendo al cliente.

wait up for

stay out of bed for

He waited up for the news of his daughter.
Aguardó despierto las noticias de su hija.

wake up

stop sleeping

He wakes up at six every day.
Se despierta a las seis todos los días.

walk about




Before our flight back we spent a pleasant hour walking about the Buenos Aires Botanical Garden.
Antes de nuestro vuelo de regreso pasamos una agradable hora paseando por el Jardín Botánico de Buenos Aires.

walk away with

win easily, steal,
take away

They walked away with all the prizes.
Arrasaron con (Se robaron) todos los premios.

walk out on

leave, abandon

My sister is sad because her boyfriend walked out on her.
Mi hermana está apenada porque su novio la dejó.

walk out with


Jane is walking out with an old friend of hers.
Jane está saliendo con un viejo amigo suyo.

warm up


1) become or make warmer
(separable when transitive)

1) The small fire warmed up all the room..
El pequeño fuego calento toda la habitación.

2) become more animated

2) He warmed up when he saw his brother again.
Se reanimó cuando vio a su hermano nuevamente.

warn off

inform in advance
of what may happen

The guard warned the intruder off not to enter.
El guardia le advirtió al intruso que no entrara.

wash down

clean a car, a ship by using
a stream or jet of water

The crew spent two days washing the ship down.
La tripulación se pasó dos dias baldeando el barco.

wash off
wash out

remove a stain by washing

She was able to wash the dirty mark out.
Ella pudo eliminar la marca de suciedad.

wash up

clean dishes after a meal
(separable when transitive)

Who is washing up tonight?
¿Quién va a lavar los platos esta noche?

watch out for

beware of, be careful with

If you go into the jungle, watch out for tigers and snakes.
Si entras en la selva ten cuidado con los tigres y las víboras.

watch out

beware, be careful

Watch out! The roads are icy today.
¡Ten cuidado! Las carreteras están resbaladizas hoy.

watch over


The shepherd watched over the sheep.
El pastor vigilaba las ovejas.

water down


This soup has been watered down.
Esta sopa se ha aguado.

wear away
wear down

gradually reduce the height
by constant wearing

The soles of his shoes were worn away.
Las suelas de sus zapatos estaban desgastadas.

wear off

diminish, cease or disappear gradually

My toothache has now worn off.
Mi dolor de muelas ya ha desaparecido.

wear on

pass slowly on

The night wore on and still he could not sleep.
Transcurría la noche y aún así no se podía dormir.

wear out


1) gradually destroy
by wearing or using

1) My jacket is wearing out, although it is only a year old.
Mi chaqueta se está gastando aunque apenas tiene un año.

2) exhaust (separable but
usually used in the passive)

2) I felt worn out after the long flight to Australia.
Me sentía agotado después del largo vuelo a Australia.

weed out


remove weeds or
what is unwanted


The manager insisted that they had to weed out all the unsuitable candidates as they had to weed out their gardens.
El gerente insistió que tenían que eliminar los postulantes inadecuados como tenían que eliminar la maleza de sus jardines.

weigh out

estimate how heavy it is

The greengrocer weighed out a kilo of strawberries for Molly.
El verdulero calculó un kilo de fresas para Molly.

weigh up

consider carefully

He weighed up his chances of promotion before quitting..
El analizó sus oportunidades de ascenso antes de renunciar.

while away

spend some time pleasantly

We whiled away the whole afternoon at the exhibition.
Pasamos toda la tarde en la exposición.

win over


This priest won over many people to Christianity.
Este sacerdote convirtió mucha gente al Cristianismo.

win through

survive, recover

Despite all the hardships, he won through.
Sobrevivió a pesar de todas las privaciones.

wind up


1) turn the spring of a machine or a clock to make it go

1) I forgot to wind up my cuckoo clock last night.
Anoche olvidé darle cuerda a mi reloj cucú.

2) end a meeting or speech
(separable when transitive)

2) The meeting will wind up with a few English songs.
La reunion finalizará con algunas canciones inglesas.

wipe out

destroy, annihilate

A town near Miami was wiped out by the tornado.
Un pueblo próximo a Miami fue aniquilada por el tornado.

wipe up

take up liquid by wiping
usually with a mop

He rushed to wipe up the pool of coffee on the wooden floor.
Corrió a secar el charco de café sobre el piso de madera.

wither up

become dry, faded or dead

Some flowers soon wither up under the rays of the sun.
Algunas flores se marchitan pronto bajo los rayos del sol.

work in


The author worked in a few lines about his own life in Africa.
El autor introdujo algunas líneas sobre su vida en Africa.

work in with


fit in with


His ideas for a new factory did not work in with those of his employers and he was fired.
Sus ideas de una nueva planta no encajaron con las de sus empleadores y fue despedido.

work off

get rid of, get over

He worked off his depression by visiting Menem's properties.
Superó su depresión visitando las propiedades de Menem.

work out


1) plan, solve by careful study

1) Can you work this puzzle out?
¿Puedes resolver este acertijo?

2) exhaust by working

2) The old coal mine has already been worked out.
La antigua mina de carbón ya ha sido agotada.

3) be calculated at

3) The restaurant bill worked out at 20 dollars each.
La cuenta del restaurante resultó a 20 dólares por persona.

4) produce the desired result

4) Their plan did not work out and the robbers were caught.
Su plan no funcionó y los ladrones fueron capturados.

work up


1) excite, arouse

1) The dictator worked up the emotions of the crowd.
El dictador despertó las emociones de la multitud.

2) study more thoroughly


2) She told us to work up 300 Phrasal Verbs for the exam.
Nos indicó que estudiáramos en detalle 300 Verbos Frasales para el examen.

work up to

progress gradually to

His novel works up to a thrilling climax.
Su novela avanza gradualmente hacia un final apasionante.

worm out

find out by devious means
find our without scruples

Don't let worm out your secret so easily.
No permitas que te sonsaquen tu secreto con tanta facilidad.

wrap up


1) cover, put round,
roll up

1) It was very cold so I wrapped myself up in a blanket.
Estaba muy frío de modo que me envolví en una manta.

2) wind or fold as
a covering

2) She wrapped up the gift in a beautiful silver paper.
Envolvió el regalo en un hermoso papel plateado.

wriggle out of


Amanda always tries to wriggle out of her responsibilities.
Amanda siempre trata de evitar sus responsabilidades.

wrinkle up

to get wrinkles in perplexity

He wrinkled up his face and admitted he was puzzled.
Frunció el ceño y aceptó estar esconcertado.

write down

make a note

I wrote down the instructions.
Tomé nota de las instrucciones.

write into

add to in writing

The terms were written into the lease.
Se agregaron por escrito las condiciones a la locación.

write off 

cancel, regard as

They were forced to write off several irretrievable debts.
Nos vimos forzados a dar de baja varias deudas incobrables.

write oneself out


exhaust one's ideas
in writing


The novelist appears to have written himself out because nothing new has emerged from his pen since 2000.
El novelista parece haber agotado sus ideas porque nada nuevo ha salido de su pluma desde el año 2000.

write out

write in full

The witness wrote out his account of the acident.
El testigo pasó en limpio su versión del accidente.

write up 

compose in writing

I used my notes to write up the report.
Usé mis notas para redactar el informe.


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