Listening Practice

Este es el MENÚ de la sección OM LISTEN de nuestro nuevo CD-ROM!! This is the MENU of the OM LISTEN section in our new CD-ROM!!

You will find here a wide variety of English accents through long conversations, discussions, interviews and talking articles. This section allows you to practise listening comprehension for Intermediate, Advanced and First Certificate levels. Just click on the images to access !!

Encontrarás aquí una amplia variedad de acentos ingleses por medio de conversaciones, discusiones, entrevistas y artículos parlantes extensos. Esta sección te permite practicar comprensión oral para los niveles Intermedio, Avanzado y First Certificate. Simplemente pulsa en las imágenes para ingresar !!

talking articles

Liar... Liar
How to spot someone
who's not telling the truth

3m 36s  3.3 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Woman)


Sean Connery
A living legend from
Dr. No to Entrapment

3m 44s  3.4 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Man)


Genetically Modified Foods
Frankenstein foods or
an end to famine?

3m 48s  3.5 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Man)


Women and Cigars
Cigar smoking is no longer
a male pleasure

2m 35s  2.4 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Woman)


American Women
6m 21s  5.8 MB  mp3
SANDRA (American Woman)
MONICA (American Woman)


The Future
10m 38s  9.74 MB  mp3
Speakers: EDWARD (North England)
WILLIAM (South England)
DIANA (American from New York)
SHARON (American from Kansas)


Reality Shows
7m 05s  6.50 MB  mp3
Speakers: NORMAN (South England)
MILTON (Midlands England)
DANIEL (North England)
DIANNE (American Woman)


6m 53s  6.30 MB  mp3
Speakers: DERMOT (North England) BEA (American Woman)
DANY (South England)
VILMA (South England)


An Anglo-French Girl
8m 01s  7.32 MB  mp3
LARA (English Woman)
NORMAN (American Man)
DANIEL (English Man)


A Scotsman
5m 41s  5.20 MB  mp3
LISA (American Woman)
RONALD (English Man)
NICK (Scottish Man)


A Native American
9m 53s  9.40 MB  mp3
HAROLD (English Man)
RICHARD (Native American Man)
MIKE (American Man)


An Australian
9m 08s  8.35 MB  mp3
MICHAEL (American Man)
GREG (Australian Man)


The Living Room
5m 30s  5.04 MB  mp3
MAC (American Man)
MONICA (American Woman)


American Accents
11m 44s  10.7 MB  mp3
JENNY (American Woman)
RICHARD (English Man)
NATHAN (Australian Man)


Touring the House
7m 00s  10.7 MB  mp3
MONICA (American Woman)
MAC (American Man)
JONES (American Man)


At the Dentist's
5m 10s  4.75 MB  mp3
Speakers: DENTAL ASSISTANT (American); MAC (American Man)
MONICA (American Woman)
SMITH (American Man)

first certificate

Kid and Statue
Picture Description # 1

1m 19s  1.2 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Man)


Man with Dog
Picture Description # 2

1m 40s  1.6 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (British Woman)


Street Scene
Picture Description # 3

1m 40s  1.6 MB  mp3
SPEAKER (French Girl)


Town or Country?
Arguments pro and against
2m 52s  2.6 MB  mp3
Speakers: MAN (British Man)
WOMAN (American Woman)


A Beautiful Memory
Memories Description

2m 43s  2.5 MB  mp3
Speaker: LAURA (British Woman)


Guests Come to Dinner
Role play situation
3m 30s  3.2 MB  mp3
Speakers: MURIEL (British Woman)
FREDDIE (British Woman)