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Este es el MENÚ de la sección OM THEATRE de nuestro nuevo CD-ROM!! This is the MENU of the OM THEATRE section in our new CD-ROM!!

Blue with flashes

Now you can practise American English conversation with Richard Via's NEVER ON WEDNESDAY and have fun with a traditional American family, whose dialogues are based on this play and written by Julia Dobson. Come to OM THEATRE, take a seat, click on the PLAY or any DIALOGUE and start enjoying the performance !!!
Ahora puedes practicar Inglés Americano con la obra NUNCA EN MIERCOLES de Richard Via y divertirte con una familia "tradicional" Americana, cuyos diálogos -escritos por Julia Dobson- se basan en esta obra. Ingresa a OM THEATRE, toma asiento, haz clic en la OBRA DE TEATRO o en cualquiera de los DIALOGOS y comienza a disfrutar la actuación !!! 







Blue with flashes


Author: Richard A. Via

Author: Julia Dobson

PART 1    PART 2    PART 3

01- Grandmother arrives
02- John and Alice are getting married
03- He's too young to get married
04- Dad made a sensible decision
05- He shouldn't give up college
06- We care about happiness
07- It's stupid to marry so young

08- Grandmother puts in a word
09- Dorothy will wear pink
10- George has an accident
11- Is he old enough to drive?
12- Teenagers should study more
13- How about homework?
14- Grandmother offers to help

PART 4    PART 5